Who we are

Interdisciplinary group providing advice on mineral characterization, investigation, and installation of clean and efficient systems for the precious and base metals recovery.
Encourages the implementation of biobenefit plants, systems that promote the optimal use of metal resources, and bioimprovement of raw materials.

What we do

Mineralogical characterization

Specialized mineralogical analyses


Mineral bioleaching/biooxidation 

Process Engineering

Use of reactor at lab scale or pilot plant


    • Evaluation of extraction process of gold and silver.
    • Identification of process problems.
    • Proposal of improvement of the extraction of precious metals (biotechnology, physic or chemical).
    • Implementation of mineral biotreatment at pilot or commercial scale.


    • Natural process without any environemntal damage.
    • Improvement in the metal recuperation.
    • Continuous processes easily operated.
    • Low energetic and reactives use.
    • Commercially probed technique.


Understanding ore mineralogy allows you to know with certainty those resources that are available in your deposit.
Optimizing metals extraction and controlling mining tails.


Nonpathogenic bacteria (no organic risk) that eat rocks, they are consumers of iron and sulfur accelerating the sulfide oxidation processes, that implies effectiveness in gold extraction procesess.